Me: So, what are you doing for your summer break?
Student: I don't know. I might get married.
Me: ...okaaay.

Student Essay: School uniform, lets the student does not exist the wind of themselves.

Student Essay: If you in class, the teacher bring you under the guidance into the knowledge ocean.

Student Essay: As everyone knows, there are many talented people who are genius and they are like lighting star around us. These people sometimes speak gold in public situations.

Is it acceptable to write “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PAPER ABOUT?!” on a student’s essay? Because that’s what I feel like doing right now.

Question on Quiz: How are the romance and the novel different?

Student Answer: is The same time in 15 country, different 4 stage.

(Male) Student Journal: If I could have dinner with ANYONE in the world, I would invite Yanni to dinner.


Student: I am afraid at night because I have a small heart.

Student Excuse: I cannot come to class today. I have my period and it is extreme.


Student Describing a Basketball Game: I always sit in a branch and eat jerky or wave towels in the air.